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100 plus bubbles

across the thickness

of a human hair.

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We are building brand new technologies to make high-peformance, low-carbon microcellular PET under the Vesair brand.

Vesair is an advanced polymer material that embodies the tenets of the circular economy.

Reduce: Up to 50% lighter weight

Reuse: Up to 100% recycled content

Recycle: Single chemistry, just PET

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Vesicus' technologies  are able to tune the microstructure within the microcellular PET, to thereby impart unique functional properties  that are beneficial for a wide range of applications. 

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Our technologies are focused on achieving  high-performance, lightweight, and low-carbon microcellular PET in multiple formats to address numerous  applications and billion-dollar market opportunities.

High performance features:

  • High-quality appearance

  • Tunable weight reduction

  • Superior printability

  • High toughness & crack resistance

  • High stiffness to weight ratio (rigidity)

  • Excellent insulating properties

  • Tunable service temperature

  • Tunable gas barrier

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Above all else,
our technologies can 

reduce greenhouse gas
emissions at a gigaton scale

by replacing heavier,
denser materials with

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